Samsung launches new LED signage

The “LED in a Box” XPR-B comes in two sizes with each size available in single and double face. Photo credit: Samsung Electronics America (Samsung XPR-B)

Samsung Electronics America is launching the newest product in its outdoor LED display portfolio, the flexible, all-in-one XPR-B. The “LED in a Box” XPR-B comes with a web-based content-management component.
“At the onset of the pandemic, Samsung saw an opportunity to help a multitude of industries—including retailers, restauranteurs, schools and medical campuses—get back to business through the use of display technology,” said Mark Quiroz, VP of the display division at Samsung Electronics America. “The XPR-B was developed to help small- and medium-sized business owners stay nimble by providing a platform for seasonal and time-specific advertising, wayfinding and provide an additional method of direct communication with customers.”
The XPR-B’s uni-body cabinet structure allows for a simplified setup. With a distinctive cabinet design, the display is tailored to the user’s needs for LED signage in as little as two weeks. Additionally, the integrated content-management system allows users to conveniently create, schedule and deploy exclusive content that is inviting to customers.
The display was built to weather the elements and offers multiple operational safeguards to prevent errors and interruptions and has a new, more efficient power supply that comes with a back-up built in, preventing against shut-downs. 
“XPR-B signage provide a turnkey solution for customers. That ease of use brings the potential for higher [return on investment] on ad dollars compared to traditional advertising methods for small businesses,” said Kevin Izatt, product manager, outdoor LED, Samsung Electronics America. “This solution has something for everyone.”
The XPR-B joins Samsung’s growing portfolio of XPR displays, which includes the XPR-S, a solution developed for professional sports and customers that need max brightness, and the XPR-E, meant for customers who do not require prolonged periods of max brightness. Using the same technology behind the popular XPR-E modules and components, the XPR-B comes in two sizes—39 inches by 79 inches and 59 inches by 118 inches—with each size available in single and double face and in 8 mm, 10 mm and 12 mm pitch to match the unique needs of each customer. Further, the display’s low-profile design and 5.9-inch depth creates a more aesthetically pleasing display while the front ventilation removes side and rear airflow clearance requirements.