Sensibo launches smart HVAC management platform for hotels

Sensibo has launched Airbend, a new software allowing hotels to manage air conditioning and air quality monitoring devices in bulk, reducing heating and cooling costs. Sensibo Airbend can lead to savings of over 40 percent on energy bills by optimized monitoring and management of all ACs in the hotel, according to the company.

Sensibo Airbend is a smart AC management solution that allows operation managers to remotely manage all of their units and set smart rules and parameters to optimize AC usage in individual rooms.

One of the first users of Sensibo Airbend was Prestige Bookings, a resort  in Coral Bay, Cyprus. The company owns and operates 14 holiday properties with more than 100 guestrooms. Management was looking for ways to reduce operational costs, meet their climate goals and optimize the management of dozens of AC units. Managing Director Gerry McMahon liked Airbend’s comprehensive functionality and features. Climate React allowed him to set temperature thresholds that, when crossed, changed the state of the AC; kept rooms at optimal temperature while reducing energy consumption. The easy plug-and-play installation took him minutes to set up with no tools required and reduced the amount of time rooms were unavailable. Prestige Bookings also benefits from the anti-mold and maintenance functions as well as motion sensors that detect if a room is empty with the air conditioning running.

“We are launching Sensibo Airbend for hotels which will help the hospitality industry manage the energy consumption of their AC units with insights, data, sensors and AI along with improving the climate experience for guests," Sensibo CEO and co-founder Ran Roth said in a statement.