SevenRooms launches Contactless Order & Pay

Guests can view the menu, order and pay from their own devices. Photo credit: SevenRooms

SevenRooms, a fully integrated, data-driven guest-experience platform for hospitality operators, launched Contactless Order & Pay, streamlining the in-restaurant ordering and payments experience for guests. Contactless Order & Pay provides operators with a safe, contact-free solution for in-service experiences, helping them manage labor costs and keep their employees safe.

Contactless Order & Pay aims to ease consumer hesitation around dining out, putting the power of ordering and payments in guests’ pockets. This “bring-your-own-device” approach helps operators eliminate the use of physical menus and the handling of credit cards and cash, creating an all-in-one digital solution for viewing a menu, ordering and paying the bill. Contactless Order & Pay can be accessed by guests in three ways without the need to download an app: scanning a QR code, near-field communication or visiting a URL on any mobile device. Once guests have selected their menu items, they can then use a credit card or digital wallet to check out. 

Before visiting a restaurant, guests can order delivery or pick-up (Direct Delivery), can view and add themselves to a virtual waitlist, or book a reservation (Reservation & Waitlist Management) 

Inside the restaurant, operators can easily manage the guest experience (Table Management), while guests can view the menu, order and pay from their own devices (Contactless Order & Pay) 

Post-experience, operators can easily understand guest feedback (Reputation Management) and automatically market to their diners to drive revenue, loyalty and repeat visits (Marketing Automation) 

SevenRooms’ platform provides operators with data on every guest across dine-in, delivery and pick-up, helping to drive revenue and loyalty while providing the types of experiences guests now expect. 

“Contactless Order & Pay is the new normal, and guest expectation, for the in-service restaurant experience,” said Joel Montaniel, CEO/founder of SevenRooms. “As restaurants reopen and guests start to return, this ‘bring-your-own-device’ approach to ordering and payment will enable a tailored yet contact-free approach to in-service experiences. A fully connected, end-to-end experience is critical not just for guests’ ease of mind and safety, but also for operators to manage their operations efficiently, while connecting personally with their guests and maximizing profits.”