TripReviewer partners with DerbySoft

DerbySoft has partnered with TripReviewer, a website that provides aggregated reviews and prices from multiple websites for hotels and restaurants within the United States and Canada. The partnership enables direct bookings to North American hotels, using DerbySoft’s Marketing Services division, Click.
“This project allows us to work with many of the world’s premiere hotel groups as well as the world’s premiere connectivity provider, DerbySoft, so we couldn’t be more pleased,” said TripReviewer’s co-founder, Sanket Talsania.

TripReviewer creates a merged, filtered, user-friendly rating for each hospitality establishment by aggregating ratings and reviews data received from multiple major online travel site servers. In addition to accessing TripReviewer’s rating and reviews, users can compare prices on TripReviewer ensuring they receive the best deal possible.
Click has been helping hotels and hotel chains manage their metasearch campaigns for more than six years, and some of the largest hotel groups in the world rely on Click’s services. As the success of a hotelier’s metasearch marketing program is influenced by the diversification of their channel portfolio, DerbySoft welcomed the opportunity to work with TripReviewer.
Click’s MetaSearch Manager 2.0 platform gives DerbySoft clients the critical functionality to create effective, cross-channel optimization strategies by connecting, managing, and evaluating the performance of their metasearch programs across multiple channels simultaneously.

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