TrustYou expands guest feedback platform with real-time messaging

TrustYou Messaging (TrustYou expands guest feedback platform with real-time messaging)

TrustYou launched TrustYou Messaging, a real-time guest messaging service based on technology provided by Checkmate, a company acquired by TrustYou earlier this year. The integration into the guest feedback platform enables hotels to operationalize and benefit from guest feedback at every point in the traveler's journey: while searching and booking before the stay, during the on-site experience, and after the stay while collecting post-stay feedback.

TrustYou Meta-Reviews and TrustScore verified summarized review content and scores are displayed on travel and search sites like Google Search and Maps as well as on Kayak,, Skyscanner, and more than 100 more. This widely spread reputation standard of a hotel has great impact on the booking behavior of millions of travelers, as Meta-Reviews allow guests to evaluate a hotel's key attributes quickly and at one glance.

TrustYou Messaging enables hotels to engage with guests prior to check-in and during their stay via e-mail, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and other social channels. Instant feedback is gathered, enabling arising issues to be clarified on-site, which helps to prevent negative reviews. With TrustYou Stars, a sophisticated guest satisfaction survey solution, hotels can easily collect post-stay feedback and simultaneously push it to TrustYou's platform and to Google to positively influence the overall online reputation.

TrustYou Analytics completes the platform, as the powerful analytics tool enables hotels to track, analyze and monitor all feedback from all online channels and sources and act upon it. All is connected and seamlessly works together in one SaaS platform and is accessible to users via one single login.

Modus Hotels, a Washington, D.C.-based lifestyle hotel company, uses the platform to enhance the guest experience at all stages of the traveler's journey. “Guest feedback is paramount to the success of our hotel business,” said Josh Runes, digital marketing manager at Modus Hotels. “We were looking to find out how the incorporation of our guest messaging service increased guest satisfaction overall.”