Tui brands unveil 'try before you buy' virtual vacation tool

(TUI UK and Ireland Virtual Tool)

UK consumers are being given the chance to try a holiday before they buy with the use of virtual technology. A new interactive and experiential tool has been created by Tui UK and Ireland in an effort to help consumers find a holiday that best suits them.

Holiday Open Day is designed for customers who know they want a Thomson or First Choice holiday, but are unsure which one of the brands’ offerings is right for them, the company reports.

The tool, optimized for desktop, smartphone and tablet devices, provides rich content which is filmed from a first person perspective to create a virtual day in the life of a perfect holiday, reports Travolution. This is designed to help users identify the elements of the different holiday options that are best suited to them.

From the point the user starts engaging with the tool and ‘virtually arrives’ in resort, they are asked to choose between different options, such as taking part in activities or relaxing by the pool through to picking their ideal evening entertainment.

They will then experience how their choice pans out through footage filmed in resort using Go-Pro technology. After a number of decisions by the customer, the tool will then match them to a suggested holiday, which can be shared via social channels with family and friends.

"New technology plays an increasingly important role in our efforts to bring more innovation to our business and fast, fluid and user led content such as this is a new way for us to really bring to life our range of exclusive holiday concepts and physically show how they are the best holidays available," Jeremy Ellis, marketing and digital director for Thomson and First Choice, told e-Tid.