Uniquest launches Wayfinder product

Wayfinder content includes a full map of the property, navigation to desired destinations and a sidebar of notable locations. Photo credit: Uniquest (Uniquest launches Wayfinder solution)

Uniguest launched its Wayfinder product, which can be used with supported interactive digital signage displays, single-purpose tablets or digital whiteboards. Wayfinder is an extension of the Uniguest content solution that provides an interactive touchscreen map for guests. 
The solution adds convenience and value for guests while providing properties a way to highlight revenue-generating amenities and outlets like restaurants, spas and shops, according to the company. The product eliminates the need for paper maps or brochures, while also reducing the daily work time of a receptionist or concierge. 
Wayfinder is designed to capture guest attention and engage them with an approachable central hub of property information. Content includes a full map of the property, navigation to desired destinations and a sidebar of notable locations. Wayfinder makes it easy to keep guests aware of all the amenities on-site and generates revenue by guiding them to those amenities and outlets. Wayfinder works with properties of all sizes, including large and multifloor properties, resorts and multibuilding locations.
“Wayfinder is another extension of our robust content-management system,” Uniguest COO Matt Goche said in a statement. “We’re really excited about the product’s dual function as a guest amenity and a revenue source for our customers.” 

Already deployed by a number of properties, Uniguest Wayfinder is an upgrade option for existing clients but it also can be purchased as a standalone solution. Implementation can be done in as little as two weeks. Maps are made to each property’s specifications with brand logos, styles and colors incorporated.