Userful augments its visual networking platform

Userful has deployed its visual networking platform at the DoubleTree Hotel & Suites Victoria in downtown Victoria, British Columbia. Photo credit: Userful

Userful’s visual networking platform now accelerates deployment of visual content throughout enterprises of all sizes with three new developments: data center support and augmented support for hybrid deployments; Userful application programming interface for services integration; and display ubiquity.

Userful’s support for a variety of server architectures—on premises, cloud and now data center—ensures maximum customer flexibility and security. Certain enterprises focused on content within a LAN may opt for an on-premises server. Enterprises with the goal of sharing content to multiple facilities throughout a country or around the world likely will deploy their servers from a data center or the cloud. Enterprises with a variety of needs may opt for a hybrid deployment mixing different server architectures but still managing their entire infrastructure with Userful’s centralized management tools.   
The company's API for services integration now enables dynamic switching between content and back office applications/services, triggered by user control, local events and/or Internet of Things events. This enables enterprises to define a new range of custom engagements for customers and employees.
Userful’s uClient (ubiquitous client) has added support for both Tizen and Android operating systems to its existing support for LG’s webOS. With this announcement, Userful now offers complete display ubiquity, enabling enterprises to work with any display, including a very broad variety of commercial smart displays from a wide range of vendors. Enterprises can also deploy legacy displays using an adapter device. 
With these new developments, Userful’s centralized architecture now empowers IT departments to easily manage the next generation of smart corporations, where IT teams don’t worry about compatibility between legacy applications, operating systems and displays, according to the company. 
“Userful’s solutions are ideal for the most demanding enterprise applications, including control rooms, network operations centers and similar mission critical operations,” Userful CEO John Marshall said in a statement. “With the platform’s scalability, the same technology can be extended to digital operations, corporate signage, data metrics walls, and kiosk and tablet applications across the enterprise. The evolution of the visual networking platform into a ubiquitous visual estate solution represents a critical tool for the IT department of the next generation enterprise.”