Virdee, Crave Interactive partner on check-in tech

Virdee has partnered with hospitality tech company Crave Interactive to make the guest check-in experience more seamless.  

“Our data analytics prove hotel guests are more likely to engage with digital services if a full range of services is offered and are more likely to buy ancillary services as a result,” Crave CEO Gareth Hughes said in a statement. “We’re delighted to partner with Virdee to create a best-in-class complete digital guest service solution via mobile, kiosk and in-room tablet that is customized to each hotel’s brand and service offerings.” 

The Virdee virtual reception solution gives a fully contactless check-in experience, giving hotel guests the ability to check-in either via mobile web, app or kiosk, receive a digital or physical key. The partnership with Crave Interactive enables a single turnkey solution that meets the evolving needs of guests. 

“Partnering with Crave Interactive further fuels our mission to help hotel owners save money and improve efficiencies while enhancing the guest experience,” said Branigan Mulcahy, co-founder of Virdee. “Integrating Crave’s e-menu of digital services into Virdee mobile technology enables hotels to reduce the touchpoints of the guest journey, while giving guests more flexibility, choice and control over their stay.”