Volo Hospitality Systems partners with SynergyMMS

Systems Associates, maker of operational efficiency software SynergyMMS, has partnered with Volo Hospitality Systems, an in-room tablet company. The partnership combines both companies' knowledge to engage guests during their stay and connect guests with hotel operations, the companies report. The combined solution provides hotel staff with tools to deliver a quality, consistent product experience to guests through an intuitive and efficient way to communicate. 
These integrated systems will allow hotel staff to be more efficient by keeping track of all requests made by the in-room tablets. Volo allows guests to interact with the hotel and keeps guests up to date with promotional offers, events and information about the hotel. Guests can order roomservice, create requests and even book appointments with amenities of the property. 

With the integration to SynergyMMS, requests flow directly to the proper department based on intelligent dispatching that sends work based on time of day, day of week, talent required and who is available. This instant communication results in speedy service and quicker issue resolution time. 

"Volo creates a channel through which guest requests can flow directly to those responsible for fulfilling those same requests,” SynergyMMS division VP John Clark said in a statement. “This bypasses layers in communication and eliminates errors in information often resulting from relays or translation of data. Further, through our interface, Volo is able to leverage the prioritization and routing tools already in use at the property through SynergyMMS.”