London down on virus


Preliminary data for hotels in London showed slightly negative performance in February 2020 that worsened into double-digit declines during the first week of March, according to STR.

The group reported that occupancy was down 2.3% to 76.3%, with ADR up 0.3% for February to £133.57 and revpar down 2.1% to £101.91.

For the week ending 8 March, occupancy was down 21% to 65.5%, with ADR falling by 8.5% to £128.39, with revpar falling by 27.7% to £84.14.

The company said: “As concerns have grown around the COVID-19 outbreak, STR analysts note that London daily data shows 14 consecutive days (24 February through 8 March) of decreases across the three key performance metrics. Occupancy and revpar fell by double figures for eight of those days.”