Hilton has its eye on the country as a result of its consistent economic growth and distribution of free visas to citizens of a variety of countries around the…

As a result of this investment, Peru’s hotel supply will grow by 3,580 rooms.

Industry folk are still trying to sift through the consequences from the UK's decision to leave the European Union.

The 116-room hotel in Lima, Ohio, is located one-and-a-half hours from Columbus.

The company is partnering with Al Zamil to develop the Swiss International Hotel & Resort at Al Qassim.

Ward was previously the managing partner and founder of Brookfield Financial's European operation division, and he has held a post in the finance industry…

Iao Kun Jeju Hotel Company is buying the property through a share purchase agreement with three companies.

The soon-to-be branded hotel, located near the French Quarter, has a complete renovation in the works.