The current owners recently turned down a $58-million offer.

Although the living concept of the exit strategy can vary on an asset-by-asset basis, sources said there are some top things to consider when formulating a…

With the opening of Wyndham Grands in Asunción and Montevideo, 10 of Wyndham Hotel Group's 18 brands operate in 11 countries across the continent.

Construction on the property is expected to take approximately 18 months and will cost $79 million.

Performance metrics in Lebanon and Tunisia improved dramatically in the first quarter while Saudi Arabia's levels dropped.

Efforts by local legislators to limit the number of hotels in Amsterdam are driving rates up and investors out of town in search of yield. 

The RE:CHARGE Café concept is inspired by “engineered nature”, which highlights the health benefits of being exposed to nature.

Hotel Eden used to have 121 small guestrooms, but now has 98 large ones.