The Connection Counts – Upgrading Phone & Internet To Bolster Profitability
October 26, 2017 | 2pm ET / 11am PT | Frontier Business

Increased customer satisfaction, occupancy levels and profitability are all at stake. Why? Hotels are at a crucial turning point where upgrading their phone/Internet infrastructure to meet both guest demand and to improve internal operations. This webinar explores how an investment in new communications infrastructure can raise Wi-Fi to guest-expected connectivity levels, improve the experience when customers call for reservations, billing information and more. Register now!

2017 Independent Roundtable
Choice Hotels

Independent hotels used to walk a lonely road, but they are now enjoying more time in the limelight as experiential travel booms. Beyond that, they now have more distribution options available to them via the so-called soft brands that have sprouted of late.

In recognition of that, seven executives in the hospitality industry, who understand the independent landscape, convened to discuss the state of independent hotels, the growing interest in soft brands, financing original ideas and more.

To learn more about this round table, continue reading here.

2017 Young professionals Roundtable
Hostmark Hospitality

The continued success of the hotel industry hinges on the next generation of hoteliers. To operators, this isn’t anything new, but the acquisition and cultivation of new talent is one of the greatest concerns facing the hospitality industry today. This is why HOTEL MANAGEMENT met with 10 young professionals—some students, some already active in the industry—to discuss acquiring experience, the impact of technology and adapting to the changing needs of the next generation of guests.

It’s difficult to put a price on the value of a good education, though there is a reason “book smarts” and “street smarts” aren’t valued equally in all circles. Many successful individuals in the hospitality industry never specifically went to school to learn the business, but a case can certainly be made for earning a degree in hospitality today.

What is to come from the next generation of hoteliers? Find out more from our young professionals.

Best Practices in Marketing
Hotel Management

“Best Practices in Marketing” features our Signet study, a look at ad readership, ad performance and ad measurement. In it, we provide information on recall and readership of ads, as well as rating noticeability, information content and effects of ads. These will show the level of interest and actions taken as a result of seeing ads, as well as extensive verbatim comments on impressions of the ads. We are hopeful this will help you in your own marketing plans. 

We hope you enjoy this third e-book in our series and find it informative and useful in the daily operation of your business.

[eBook] Who’s Who in Hospitality
October Issue | Hotel Management

“Who’s Who in Hospitality” is a comprehensive list of hospitality-related companies covering all aspects of the industry.

In the following pages, they will showcase their products, services and contact information, giving you the ability to reach out to them directly to receive additional information or ask questions. You also have the ability to discover these companies by category. We hope this feature helps when researching for products and services for your hotel.

We hope you enjoy this first e-book in our series and find it informative and useful in the daily operation of your business.

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Airbnb-Impact and Outlook on Barcelona & Madrid
Colliers International

Airbnb is a leader in the "sharing economy," a rising trend of sharing resources that has been facilitated by networking and social technologies. Airbnb, which began in 2008 and now serves 9 million guests globally, has significantly impacted the economics of cities and its neighborhoods, businesses and residents. 

Download the 2016 impact of Airbnb in several of Barcelona and Madrid’s neighborhoods, presented by Colliers International and Hotelschool The Hauge.

This report was originally presented at MR&H 2016. Join us this year to receive an update on Airbnb’s impact on these popular tourist markets in Spain. Register today for the third annual MR&H.

European Investor Intentions Survey 2017

The CBRE Hotels European Investor Intentions Survey was developed to assist hotel property stakeholders with their business planning at a time of widespread uncertainty. The results of this past survey are therefore reflective of the intentions of the hotel investment community based on the anticipated impact of 2017 events not limited to Britain’s EU exit, Dutch, French and German elections, and Donald Trump’s US presidency.

Download the 2017 report to learn more about the key drivers of opportunities in the sector.

This report was originally presented at MR&H 2016. Join us this year to receive an update on European investment intentions for 2018 and beyond. Register today for the third annual MR&H.

eBook: Top Hotel Companies
September issue | Hotel Management

“Top Hotel Companies” is a survey that ranks hotel ownership, third-party management and franchise companies by the number of guestrooms open in their portfolios. All HOTEL MANAGEMENT surveys include contact information for key people and relevant data about each company’s portfolio and performance. 

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Spotlight on the Residential Segment: Maximizing Value in Mediterranean Resorts
Daniel Von Barloewen, Director – Head of International Development Consultancy, Savills

"Spotlight on the Mediterranean Second Home Market,” presented by Daniel Von Barloewen, Director – Head of International Development Consultancy, Savills provides a 2016 perspective on the Mediterranean “second home” market and offers a detailed profile of the nations that have invested in this market.

Download this presentation to learn who the top buying nations are, where institutional investment came from, purchase motivations, the trend in branded residences and more.

This presentation was originally shared at MR&H 2016. This year, Daniel Von Barloewen joins us again to share an update on the Mediterranean "second home" market. Register today for the third annual MR&H.

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Want More From Your PMS? Look to the Power of the Cloud
Now Available On-Demand | Sky Touch Technology

Savvy hoteliers want more from their PMS, and today’s cloud-based solutions answer the demand. Harnessing the power of the cloud means money once left on the table is money that can be reinvested into elevating staff productivity, the guest experience and overall property sustainability and wealth.

This webinar explores how the depth of cloud-based PMS functionality can rejuvenate and strengthen hotel operations while fueling revenue growth. Watch Now!

Gaining A Competitive Edge In Today's Hotel Development Cycle - Brand Choice As A Seal of Approval
May 2017 | Best Western ® Hotels & Resorts

Brand affiliation with a trusted partner is the game-changer – whether for ground-up construction, repositioning an existing property under a new flag, or independents seeking to retain their individuality – and it brings a distinct privilege to the table when developers are seeking financing. This White Paper – Gaining A Competitive Edge In Today’s Hotel Development Cycle – Brand Choice As A Seal Of Approval outlines how brand affiliation is a powerful driver that can make a difference in propelling hotel development forward at any point in the cycle. Download your whitepaper now.