Harnessing The New Hotel PMS Effect – The Power Of The Cloud To Bolster Operations & Profits
January 2017 | Skytouch Technology

Savvy hoteliers want more from their PMS, and today’s cloud-based solutions answer the demand. The PMS has been ushered into modern times with superior cloud-based technology – a Proven Modern Solution that is effective, reliable, easy to navigate, and truly enhances hotel operations. A Proven Modern Solution that is ideally suited for independent hotels, small to mid-size brands and management companies seeking a distinct and powerful advantage against the competition. Read more in this White Paper – Harnessing The New Hotel PMS Effect – The Power Of The Cloud To Bolster Operations & Profits – presented by SkyTouch Technology, which outlines how the depth of cloud-based PMS functionality can rejuvenate and strengthen hotel operations while fueling revenue growth.

Top Multiunit Owners & Developers
December 2016 | Hotel Management

This survey lists companies that own multiple hotel assets. All Hotel Management surveys include contact information for key people and relevant data about the company's portfolio and performance. Download here.

Outsourcing Housekeeping Services With Jani-King Makes Sense – and Cents
November 2016 | Jani King

The importance of hotel cleanliness is serious business, undeniably impacting bookings, customer loyalty and profitability. Discover why Peacock Suites in Anaheim, CA tapped the services of Jani-King, the world’s largest commercial cleaning franchise company, to revamp its housekeeping operation in order to reap the benefits of high levels of guest satisfaction and financial savings. Download this whitepaper to learn why outsourcing housekeeping services makes sense – and “cents.”

Spanish popularity soars amid cyclically-induced shortage of opportunistic stock in Europe

The European hotel transaction volume year-to-date continues to reflect a testing 2016, down -34% on 2015. However, quarter three was profoundly more positive than the opening half of the year, down only  -6% on a strong third quarter of 2015.  The greatest year-on-year growth for Q3 was recorded in Spain (+162% ), a market in great demand but with limited obvious opportunities.  With the Mediterranean Resort & Hotel Real Estate Forum around the corner (30th Nov to 2nd Dec in Barcelona, Spain), CBRE has focused this edition of the European Hotel Investment MarketView on the Spanish hotel market; containing data, analysis and insight on unlocking opportunities in the market. 


Download your white paper now and join the debates at MR&H in Barcelona, where you'll hear from some of Spain's leading hospitality investment experts from companies such as HI Partners, Meliá, CBRE, Arum Group, Alsotel,Vilamoura World, Azora, Carlton Group and more. 

In Focus: Andalusia and Costa del Sol

If you're looking to invest in a sunny destination with strong economic prospects, a stable socio-political landscape and a healthy tourism market, look no further than Spain. In recent years the country has made a strong recovery from the global economic crisis and has since an increase in international real estate investment.
To prepare you for the debates taking place at MR&H in Barcelona on 1-2 December, our partners HVS are offering you some background reading on two of the country's top destinations: Andalusia and the Costa del Sol.

Download your white paper now and join the debates at MR&H in Barcelona, where you'll hear from some of Spain's leading hospitality investment experts from companies such as HI Partners, Meliá, CBRE, Arum Group, Alsotel,Vilamoura World, Azora, Carlton Group and more.

2016 Voice of the GM Survey

Operating a hotel successfully falls to many people; none more important than the general manager. He or she is the quarterback, the one staff seek out for guidance and support. From a revenue standpoint, the GM is who ownership looks toward to drive results. In 2015, that was made easier: the industry’s performance was the best ever on record, according to data-collecting companies, such as STR. 2016? Well, if you ask most, the hotel industry is reaching the proverbial peak, but while the precipice may be in full sight, it doesn’t mean that we will fall straight down off it.

This is the current situation GMs find themselves in. It’s this operating environment that played as a backdrop to Hotel Management’s 12th annual Voice of the GM Survey, which generated nearly 700 responses to questions ranging from biggest on-the-job challenges to annual salary. And while there are certainly myriad challenges to running a successful, profitable hotel, coupled with personal issues dealing with compensation and benefits for work performed, what’s always heartening to know is GMs do their job for the love of work and collegiality. In fact, in this year’s edition, “People I work with” ranked the highest answer to: “What keeps you at your current job?”

Click "more info" to find out what else is on the mind of GMs by downloading your free copy of the 2016 Voice of the GM Survey.

Top Hospitality Schools
November 2016 | Hotel Management

Published in November 2016, this compilation is a comprehensive list of the top hospitality schools in the United States. The list includes the types of degrees each school offers as well as a direct link to each program's home page. Download here.

2016 Wellness Roundtable
EVEN Hotels

Guests care about wellness. In fact, they care so much about wellness that they are educating themselves on the subject and bringing that knowledge with them to every business they interact with. From the food they eat to the ingredients in their amenities, guests want to know what is going in their bodies and hotels have to have a good answer. Check out HOTEL MANAGEMENT’s roundtable on the subject, and learn if your hotel is healthy as you think it is.

2016 NABHOOD Development Roundtable
Choice Hotels

Hotel development was top of mind at the 20th annual International African American Hotel Ownership & Investment Summit & Trade Show in Miami. Specifically, topics were broached regarding how minority entrepreneurs can become more involved in hospitality development. The conversation played out during a roundtable of brands, developers and lenders and sponsored by Choice Hotels International.

So, just how well has the hospitality industry helped promote diversity in development? Find out here.

Re-imagining Energy Management to Drive Hotel Asset Value
August 2016 | Current by GE

Creating hospitality wealth starts with fostering hotel health, and implementing a strong sustainable program delivers proven financial results that make an asset increasingly attractive to buyers. As a result, hoteliers are increasingly tapping the wave of smart energy management solutions in the market – and reaping the rewards. This White Paper – Re-imagining Energy Management to Drive Hotel Asset Value – explores how when the right energy-saving measures are implemented, a property’s utility costs are dramatically reduced, more money goes to the bottom line and operational efficiency increases. Read on to learn more.