If mobile 360°, VR and AR are the future, then Silicon Valley-based Advrtas is making sure it's there to ride the tide in.

The Honeywell enterprise building integrator and building-management system are integrated with Honeywell’s Inncom guestroom energy-management system.

Over the past year, Enseo’s fully monitored, out-of-home network reached more than 44 million guests.

All hotel operations can now be controlled through one convenient cloud desktop or mobile application.

Despite France's high threat level, hotel stays reached 107.1 million.

Hilton will add new hotels to the Egypt stock within seven to 10 years.

The goal was to create a perfectly integrated entertaining, informative and interactive welcome wall that was also an intuitive tool for visitors.

The platform uses machine learning and predictive analytics to make relevant offers when guests are ready and willing to buy.