Bulk TV will continue to provide brand-exclusive programming discounts, promotional incentives and premium service benefits to all U.S.-based Best Western…

The hotel, which originally opened in 1987, completed a full refresh from top to bottom in time for the anniversary of San Francisco's largest cultural…

Guest Review Insights sorts through reviews by amenity and service offerings, which hotels can then filter for those items most frequently referenced.

With small- and large-scale hotels using technology to capture groups, what will the future of event space design look like?

Sustainable design doesn't have to be expensive or difficult; all it requires is a different way of looking at things.

International travel is big, but hotels may need to reinvest in back-end infrastructure to avoid losing bookings to more modern competitors.

Hotel event spaces are going wireless—but that simply means that more electrical components need to be hidden from view.

New technology in televisions and with TV services allows the units to be transformed into a control hub for the entire guestroom.

Guests expect the in-room experience to be as good, or better, than at home, according to a recent white paper from ADB on in-room entertainment preferences.