As part of the report, the AH&LA is launching a new national campaign to promote the economic benefits of the the hospitality industry in both large and…

Beer accounts for 40 percent of hotel alcohol sales, and properties are crafting exclusive partnerships to satisfy their patrons.

The 18-foot Shasta sleeper has been refashioned so that guests can grab a healthful, locally sourced bite from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

The farm-to-table theme focuses on ingredients sourced from within the country's borders.

The first donation of surplus from one three-day conference totaled 7,135 pounds of food, which is equal to 40,657 total portions.

Groups are embracing chef-led, millennial-driven menus, along with sustainability, sourcing, wellness and diversity.

The Resting Room offers an innovative take on British traditionalism while GinTonica captures the cosmopolitan spirit of Spain.

Focusing on fast, fresh gourmet options, the new grab-and-go marketplace offers chef-crafted cuisine perfect for travelers and locals alike.