E20X offers unfunded companies who develop unique hospitality technology an opportunity to introduce it at HITEC.

Florida's Meyers Group purchased the 17-story hotel in October 2016 and will revive it via renovation.

The hotel installed a photovoltaic system by Sky Power Solar with solar modules from Mitsubishi Electric U.S., potentially saving the hotel $100,000 per year.

The Wi-Fi-enabled device uses an all-natural, nontoxic lure to attract bed bugs and alert property management so remediation can occur.

Prospective hotel buyers always anticipate making upgrades to a property, but almost none of them enjoy making surprise HVAC/PTAC purchases. In some cases,…

HVAC and PTAC maintenance most often boils down to changing filters, so why do so many hotels struggle with this? Luckily, there are some answers.

Ryan Fitzgerald most recently was hotel manager at the Loews Philadelphia, where he served as interim GM for several months.

Outsourcing hotel laundry operations doesn't always make sense. Here's a breakdown of whether you should contract it out or handle in-house.