Beauty of glass: Lighting selections from Corbett Lighting

Corbett Lighting combined contemporary and traditional techniques in glassmaking with refined materials to create five lighting selections that use glass.

Corbett Lighting has combined contemporary and traditional techniques in glassmaking with refined materials to create five glass lighting selections.

Majorette has clear and seeded glass orbs, varying in sizes and textures, and balanced at the ends of handcrafted iron batons. Each globe encases an LED light source. It has polished chrome accents and a silver leaf finish. It is available in sizes varying from a 24-light pendant to a three-light sconce.

Circo has handworked Venetian glass curves in bends that fit together in a patterned, circular formation. A rippling glass surrounds its candelabra center. It also features a handcrafted iron frame finished in satin silver leaf. It is offered in 24 light, 12 light, eight light and six light options.

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Piemonte uses handmade, textured glass panels that silhouette sculptural branches. These branches are handforged from wrought iron and finished in gold. The glass is etched with a pattern reminiscent of tree bark, adding to the naturalistic, wood-like theme. It is available as a four-, eight- or 12-light pendant and as a coordinating two- or three-light sconce.

Freeze integrates Venetian glass, handcrafted iron and stainless steel. An elongated rectangle of thick Venetian glass forms its icicle-like focal point. It is accented by a thick band of iron, finished in gold leaf. The LED light source radiates light vertically in both directions. It is an ADA-compliant sconce.

Meanwhile, Mont Blanc has icicle-like formations of handmade Venetian solid glass. Clustered together with handcrafted iron arcs, no two individual textured glass rods look the same. The textured framework and accent hardware is finished in silver leaf trim. It is available as a 13-, nine- or seven-light pendant, a two- or three-light sconce and a five-light semi-flush.