EchoLine is the newest addition to the EchoPanel collection of decorative, functional and acoustic products.

The fixture collection makes use of Grand Antique d’ Aubert marble, revered for its natural black and white coloring.

The light is UL-listed for use in showers and steam showers.

Both the grand prize and the student winners use next-generation technology to let guests take their rooms on the road.

Four patterns—Low Line, High Line, Fine Line and Break Line—are available, all suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Hotel artwork is evolving rapidly to keep up with changing guest demands, from high-tech to hyperlocal.

The collections meet hospitality needs by creating hotel lobbies that can function as lounge areas, co-working spaces or meeting locations.

The new floors are the company’s first engineered styles with click-lock milling, ideal for glue-down or floating installations.