The collection has eight 4 ¼ -inch by 10-inch tiles, each with a different graphic design inspired by reclaimed skateboard decks.

The tables come in multiple sizes and various finishing options making the furniture suitable for media centers, event spaces and common areas.

Designed by J&D Casadesús, the armchair has a traditional design, with a curvilinear shape, metallic foot, and back and seat cushions.

The charger offers a cradle backed by a Qi-certified charging pad to provide simultaneous charging via multiple access points.

The collection is inspired by textures and surfaces found on the ground including sand dunes, stone moss and aerial views of landscapes.

DuPont Electronics & Imaging has launched the new DuPont Tedlar wallcoverings line.

Hyatt Hotels Corporation used direct owner and guest input to inform the brand’s updates in design, dining, technology and new-found focus on well-being.

Lapis Night uses lapis, the most expensive pigment available to artists of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.