Doshi Levien created a weave that would allow light to pass through and cast a checkered shadow pattern.

The spa has a new look and a brand-new feature, the Women’s Quiet Room.

The collection is available in six color lines and a deco pattern, each presenting a washed feel in polished and textured finishes.

Working with Jeffrey Beers and Delos, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts is launching new rooms to maximize comfort and wellness.

The collection was inspired by the fashion associated with some of North America’s destinations.

Cross-laminated timber and insulating concrete form construction are making it easier to build hotels and less expensive to run them.

Wellness-focused chairs keep business travelers comfortable whether they're working at the guestroom desk or spending all day around the conference table. 

The Nendo Studio Picto series of furniture has shapes derived from the pictographic writing of Chinese characters.

Blurred Lines is a new collection that transforms the laminate with the company’s Soft Silk finish.