Bold statement: Lapis Night finish from Strasser Woodenworks

Strasser Woodenworks has introduced a new finish for its solid wood bathroom vanities. Comparable to the blue that Van Gogh used in his masterpiece “Starry Night,” Lapis Night uses lapis, the most expensive pigment available to artists of the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Made by crushing the lapis lazuli stone—a deep blue metamorphic rock prized for its intense color—into a fine powder, it was often reserved for the central figure of the painting. Lapis was also used by the Great Masters including Masaccio, Perugino, Titian and Vermeer.

The Lapis Night finish is available in the Alki Essence, Alki Spa, Alki View, Belltown and SoDo vanities, and is available in shaker, slab, and deco miter door styles.

Photo credit: Strasser Woodenworks