Built environment: Cleave and Grafted from UAP Supply

UAP’s most recent division to launch in North America, called Supply, has introduced two collections from Dan Plummer of Plummer and Smith.

The Cleave range was designed to be an exploration of light and materiality. The stone base is cut away—or “cleaved”—to create a tension between weight and balance. The range is available in a variety of granite colors and a selection of finishes to suit any urban environment.

The Grafted range, meanwhile, is inspired by the idea and methods of “grafting,” or joining one thing to another. Using a material suite of stone, timber, brass or different versions of the same material, each piece is grafted together with a nod to traditional joinery and carpentry practices.

Both collections are available to be purchased off-the-shelf or can be customized to meet any space or project-specific requirements.

Photo credit: UAP SUPPLY