Electrifying colors: Fruit Salad by Juju Papers

Portland, Oregon-based wallcoverings studio Juju Papers added a new category to its offerings: cement tile. The first series, called Fruit Salad, is handmade ceramic encaustic tile in kaleidoscopic color. 

Made by hand one at a time in Mexico, the 8”-diameter hexagonally shaped cement tiles have a billowy, five-color wave motif. Two colorways—one with white center, one with black—include such hues as lilac, persimmon, ocre, blush and blue. (Colors, of course, may be customized.) A low-energy, no-fire process creates a washy matte finish.

The tile ingredients include marble dust, Portland cement, sand, mineral pigments and concrete, combined with the 1,700 PSI mechanical hydraulic presses used in manufacturing to ensure that these tiles are durable enough for residential and commercial applications and both indoor and outdoor use.

The tiles are ⅝”-high and weigh three pounds per piece. Adding to the durability, the wear (top) layer is a full ⅛” thick, which makes them appropriate for both floors and walls. The coefficient of friction is also well over the .42 standard—averaging in at .65—making it safe for commercial traffic and wet applications.

Photo credit: Juju Papers