Troy Lighting's topaz and smoked glass lamps

Troy Lighting makes use of two complementary forms of glass—topaz  and smoked—in five product lines. Unlike clear, fully transparent glass, when topaz and smoked glass diffuse light, they take on a dramatic quality, with the illumination revealing the details of their clouded surfaces. The light itself also changes in this process, deepening to give a space a rich glow.

Apollo uses layers of plated smoked glass and rows of solid glass rods that refract light. An architecturally inspired chrome inner framework features two layers of candelabra lamps. An iron and polished chrome canopy reflects the fixture below. It is finished in dark bronze with polished chrome and stainless accents. It is available in a range of pendant sizes, including a nearly 50" island piece, as well as a flush mount and a coordinating sconce.

Domain has plated topaz glass that floats within a handworked iron silhouette, creating a sense of delicacy. An interior chandelier refracts off of the glass for a mirrored quality, while an asymmetric frame is finished with polished chrome detailing. It is available as a four-, six- or eight-light pendant and as a single light wall sconce.

District uses handblown, artisan-style glass available in either plated topaz glass or plated smoked glass. Inverted jar design brings to mind a vintage scientific artifact mingled with a touch of magic. An early filament bulb or innovative vintage-inspired LED bulb is encapsulated by glass. It is available in two single light sizes that can be creatively grouped in varying configurations.

Epic is accented by polished chrome details, with the exterior handworked iron framework creating a simple silhouette. It is available in three pendant sizes and as a corresponding wall sconce.

Meanwhile, Crosby features authentic topaz glass with a fine-tooled French iron finish. The handcrafted, wrought iron fixture is finished in rich bronze and natural materials. It is available in five pendant sizes and as a wall-mounted sconce.