Eye-catching design: Life lamp by Guto Requena for Decimal

As people age, their heart rate decreases by about one beat per minute. With this fact as a guide, Guto Requena looked to the cycle of life as inspiration for the Life lamp.

To make the lamp, Sao Paulo-based Requena collected audio files from the heartbeat of three different subjects: a baby still in the womb, a 35-year-old, and an 80-year-old. The information was then sent through a software system that drew lines resembling a rhizone based on the collected data, which were then 3D printed to make three different sized lamps. The faster the heartbeat, the thicker the lines, making the lamp of the baby's heartbeat more condensed and tightly wound than that of the elderly person.

Each pendant light illuminates any space while also shedding light on the pulse that gives us life.

Photo credit: Decimal