Inspired by the ripples of water: ecoustic Sculpt Tide tile by Instyle Studio

Designed by Instyle Studio, Tide was inspired by the ripples of water dispersing outwards.
Designed by Instyle Studio, Tide was inspired by the ripples of water dispersing outwards. Photo credit: UNIKA VAEV

Designed by Australia's Instyle Studio, Tide, the new Ecoustic Sculpt ceiling tile, was inspired by the ripples of water dispersing outwards. When installed in a mirrored configuration, the arcs produced by each individual tile combine to form one entire circular ripple with a shallow center. When four tiles are mirrored with symmetry, large circular patterns can be formed. When two tiles are mirrored and offset to the previous row, a fish scale pattern is produced as semi-circles are clustered against each other.

The Ecoustic Sculpt designs are ceiling tiles created in profiles from Instyle’s Ecoustic SC PET panels that are both acoustic and fire tested. Ecoustic Sculpt also provide a simple and quick installation ceiling tile system for use with suspended ceiling grids of both 9/16th, and 15/16th grid sizes, in 4ft x 2ft format. The tiles are custom produced to match grid type.

All Ecoustic Sculpt tiles are supplied standard with sound screen mesh as part of the finished solution. This acoustic fabric enhances the acoustic performance of the tile and has been specifically designed to compliment the range of Ecoustic ceiling and wall tile systems.

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The Ecoustic Sculpt tiles can also be supplied with an infill to improve the low frequency absorption and at the same time replaces the need for further bulky insulation. The ceiling tiles are ideal for high frequency absorption and achieves an NRC of 0.80. They can also achieve Green Star low-VOC points.

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