Revolutionary healthcare performance: MorCare line by Morbern

Morbern added to its MorCare line with three new patterns: Abbey, Cinema and Nomad—two patterns and a solid that come in an array of colors.

MorCare was first introduced in the 1990s. Since its introduction, more than 15 million yards of MorCare has been sold.

The new Abbey pattern has a hand-drawn, tone-on-tone plaid pattern in 13 colorways, while Cinema sports a repeating capsule-shaped graphic in 10 colorways. Meanwhile, Nomad is a textured solid available in 28 coordinating colorways.

With enhanced resistance to harsh chemicals used in these environments, it will resist the repeated actions of normal dilutions of chlorine bleaches and quaternary-ammonia-salt based cleaners without serious discoloration. MorCare products are fabricated with anti-fungal and anti-microbial biocides to help preserve the original attributes of the vinyl. 

Photo credit: Morbern