Sampan by apaiser

Australian bathware company apaiser has launched the Sampan collection, developed in collaboration with international design firm WOHA. Both WOHA and apaiser are based in Singapore, in an area where the iconic sampan boats were once moored in big numbers.

Sampan—the Cantonese word meaning “three boards”—describes the simple form of the watercraft, fashioned by hand from a flat plank of wood as its base, with two angled planks making up the sides. Celebration of this heritage was the inspiration for this new bathware collection.

Like all apaiser designs, each piece is handcrafted using the material exclusive to apaiser known as apaisermarble. Sampan comes in four shades – Glacier, Diamond White, Starry Night and Luxe Grey; with the five designs across baths and basins sized to suit a variety of interior applications.