Behind the creation of the world’s first Oakwood Studios

(Oakwood Studios)

Singapore-based FBEYE International has designed the first Oakwood Studios, located in Singapore’s Orchard Road shopping district. FBEYE International specifically designed the public and communal areas, including the ground-floor arrival, check-in, lounging areas, outdoor terrace and rooftop.
Located at Mount Elizabeth in Orchard, the first Oakwood Studios has Oakwood Studio’s signature red lips motifs featured prominently throughout the hotel, even in the rooftop swimming pool. FBEYE International also integrated the little red dot into the hotel’s design, including in the reception pods sculptured out of ply to a high-gloss lipstick red piano finish with quotes, manned by front desk associates now knows as curators.
Singapore’s national colors of red and white hang from the ceiling in contemporary styling via tubes of red and white acrylic with LED lamps. 

The public spaces include the grab bar pavilion at the hotel lobby that can turn into a lounge at night, helped by dimable lights and movable furniture.

Named “Socialize,” this communal space also has a pantry that is adorned with a backdrop of hand-crafted chalk boards, display niches and a rolling ladder.
Sustainable materials were used as part of the customization process. For example, the flooring was created from reconstituted stone, designed to mimic a catwalk from the entrance into the open-air terrace. Walls were clad in high gloss laminate to reflect light and create a bright space, while also reducing use of electricity. Neon lights and LED diodes were also be used in the art work in the lift lobby to help sustainability efforts.
FBEYE International teamed up with Samsung to create Singapore’s first Samsung Smart signage mirror display. The display has high-definition moving images.
The communal spaces have Wi-Fi connectivity and PowerPoints below movable tables.
There is also an open air terrace called “Retreat,” which has a green wall within a decorative trellis to help absorb sound and enhance a Zen-like atmosphere. A unique sculpture in reflective chrome balls is situated in the water by local artist Yeo Chee Kiong. There are also custom cabanas and sofas scattered through “Retreat.”