The solar charging kit adds USB charging for mobile devices to outdoor spaces without the time or hassle of a full construction project.

The slats are intentionally spaced to allow light and air to flow through, giving a lighter aesthetic to a sturdy industrial design.

The tub still has the same wide, open dimensions as before but now features a slightly higher back for improved ergonomics in the bath.

Legrand launched the graphite finish for its Adorne collection of designer switches, dimmers and outlets.

The fountain is carved from large pieces of fine-grained metamorphic rock imported from Brittany in northwestern France.

Offered in a variety of styles, along with independent controls, the WherEver faucets are a widespread version of the WaterBridge collection.

This outdoor lighting was inspired by the moon’s diameter as seen in the sky. The lamp is suspended via an angled or upright frame.

Built-in LED technology allows dimming from 15 to 100 percent. A timer can automatically turn off the light after four or eight hours.