Hilton promotes wellness with fitness-focused guestroom

Wellness is moving beyond the fitness center. Hilton's new Five Feet to Fitness guestroom concept will let guests use more than eleven different fitness equipment and accessory options in their hotel rooms.

The new room category makes it easy for guests to maintain their routines while staying in Hilton hotels. 

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“A guestroom that combines a sleep and fully integrated fitness experience delivers an impressive new dimension of convenience and personalization–an industry first,” Ryan Crabbe, senior director, global wellness at Hilton, said in a statement. “Five Feet to Fitness has been thoughtfully engineered to serve as a guest’s personal wellness stage, complete with sports performance materials and best-in-class gym accessories. Guests will quickly realize we have gone much further than simply placing a piece of equipment in a room.”

The new room type includes an indoor bike from British cycling company Wattbike that can be used for either longer “indoor-cycling” type exercise sessions or focused interval-training workouts. A Gym Rax functional training station provides equipment for strength, core, suspension and High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)-style workouts to guests.

At the heart of the concept is the Fitness Kiosk, a touch screen display in the Gym Rax system where guests can view equipment tutorials and follow guided workout routines. As part of a partnership with Aktiv Solutions, Hilton has created more than 200 customized fitness videos in categories ranging from Cardio, Cycling, Endurance, Strength, HIIT, Yoga, Stretch and Recovery.

Five Feet to Fitness also offers a meditation chair, blackout shades, Biofreeze to ease muscle tension, and a range of protein and hydration beverage options.

Hilton Five Feet to Fitness Fitness Kiosk

“The variety of activity the room enables is motivating,” Crabbe said. “One morning, a guest can decide to roll out of bed for quick guided stretch and yoga poses. Then, later that evening, he or she may return from a stressful day and take a brisk bike ride while catching up on a favorite show or the day’s business news. The room is made to suit the varied and evolving wellness habits of our guests.

“We know that no matter how determined people are about making healthy decisions while at home, the ability to replicate those choices are often not as accessible as they should be while traveling,” Crabbe continued. “We’re creating choice and control for guests to drive their own fitness experience.” 

Hilton’s Five Feet to Fitness is currently available at Parc 55 San Francisco – a Hilton Hotel and Hilton McLean Tysons Corner and is coming soon to markets including Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York and San Diego.