London design studio highlights emerging trends

London-based interior design studio Aylott + Van Tromp is shares its 2022 predictions for the future of hospitality

The founders of the interior design and branding studio has identified four key trends that are expected to emerge throughout 2022. Nathan Aylott and James Van Tromp, who are also co-creators of the Hytte modular hotel and retreat concept, shared their hospitality trend predictions for the coming twelve months:

Modular Hotel Design

“Design-led, sustainable cabins created specifically for the hotel and leisure industry will become highly sought-after, delivering both off-the-shelf designs and bespoke co-branded cabins for hoteliers and leisure operators alike," the partners said.

Secluded Stays

“On one hand, there is a natural and personal reaction to mass-market holidays, overbearing commercialism, and a growing sense of environmentalism. Then throw into the mix COVID-19 and you have the perfect storm. Whether it will be shorter localized getaways reachable by car, bike, or foot, or opting for an increasingly isolated accommodation, much of our newly acquired social distancing habits are here for the long haul. Travelers are looking for off-grid destinations with an abundance of private space to allow them to remain in their own social bubbles, while still enjoying all of the amenities they would expect from a traditional hotel complex.”

A Renewed Connection to Nature

“Travelers will continue to seek escapism and comfort that retains a raw feeling, capturing the emotive sense of camping in the wild and being close to nature." Hytte projects have a minimalist Nordic aesthetic, using oversized picture windows and skylights.

Alternative Destinations

“Low-key, softer tourism" destinations are gaining in popularity. People, the partners said, "want to experience something different and unique, far from the madding crowd.” The firm is about to open The Samuel Ryder for Hilton's Tapestry Collection inn St. Albans, U.K., later this month.