The design team drew inspiration from the geometric configurations of the classic Chinese game, Tangram.

Inspired by a species of bird known for its intricately woven nests, Vincent Martinez used ropes to achieved a design similar to rattan furniture.

This extended-stay hotel adds 95 rooms to the burgeoning Salt Lake City hotel market, and it isn’t wasting any of its limited space.

JW Marriott associates will have the opportunity to mix and match garments that best fit their job function, personality and style preferences.

No longer reserved for exclusive spas, hotels up and down the chain scale are launching initiatives to make the guest experience healthier.

The property will come down to make way for a 2-million-square-foot office tower, which will include a smaller version of the Grand Hyatt.

The renovation includes enhancements to Michelin-starred Luce Restaurant and Bar 888.

The centerpiece of the Catch Las Vegas dining room is a Mediterranean olive tree that stretches up to a faux skylight.