New York still leads in U.S. for largest construction pipeline

(New York skyline)

The five markets with the largest hotel construction pipelines by project count, according to Lodging Econometrics, are:

  • New York with 185 projects/29,447 rooms;
  • Houston with 158 projects/17,475 rooms;
  • Dallas with 141 projects/17,869 rooms;
  • Nashville with 124 projects/15,614 rooms; and
  • Los Angeles with 111 projects/17,701 rooms.

New York has the most new hotel openings forecasted for 2017 of any market with 47 hotels/7,534 rooms. Following are: Dallas, which is forecasted to open 44 hotels/5,050 rooms; Houston with 33 hotels/3,505 rooms; Austin with 21 hotels/2,321 rooms; and Los Angeles with 20 hotels/4,202 rooms.

The markets with the most new project announcements into the pipeline in the first quarter were:

  • Dallas with 18 projects/2,282 rooms;
  • New York with 16 projects/2,510 rooms;
  • Orlando, Fla. with 14 projects/1,837 rooms;
  • Tampa, Fla. with 13 projects/1,313 rooms; and
  • Kansas City with 11 projects/1,288 rooms.