Plateno Group's new European brand a play for Asian travelers

(PAI Hotels)

Plateno Group is expanding further into Europe. The company has launched PAI Hotels, which it says will give European hoteliers “the opportunity to join an international, modern hotel group through an easy rebranding process.”

The new brand is expected to offer hotels better occupancy and ROI “due to exposure to a large network of travel agents and tour operators,” higher appeal to Chinese tourists and a loyalty membership program with more than 80 million members.

The rebranding process will be “easy and affordable,” the company claimed in a statement, with “small conversion rates by industry standards. Hotels will be able to remain open during conversion, so the transition is not expected to affect business operations.

"Most of the hotel brands have certain strict requirements regarding room size, location, hotel size and amenities that make it difficult for owners of existing hotels to join,” said Roland Paar, RVP Plateno Europe. “As nearly 60 percent of European hotels are still independent, PAI is the perfect easy-to-join solution, offering, on top of all the benefits of a big brand, an opening to the Chinese market. Since its launch in China in May 2015, there were already opened more than 120 hotels, and 200 deals were signed. Now it’s time for international expansion towards new markets, where Chinese outbound travel plays significant role, and Europe is definitely one of them.”

Hoteliers who do not wish to rebrand as PAI, but are still interested in growing their presence on the Chinese market, can choose Plateno Connect, the Plateno’s signature package of services that gives visibility and promotion on the world’s biggest outbound travel market.’

PAI Hotels is the second brand Plateno has brought to Europe, after 7 Days Premium, which recently announced new hotels in Berlin, Munich, Leipzig, and Venice. The company already has 7 Days Premiums hotels in Linz and Salzburg, Austria.

The Plateno Group has more than 3,700 hotels in 300 destinations across 16 brands, including Maison Albar Hotel, H12, Portofino Hotels & Resorts, Lavande Hotel, James Joyce Coffetel, ZMAX HOTELS, Xana Hotelle, 7 Days Premium, 7 Days Inn, IU Hotel, and PAI HOTELS.