Chicago Hilton launches Living Salads, winter menu

(Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Living Salads 1)

An innovative selection of winter offerings have been introduced at the acclaimed farm-to-table called B ( located at the Hilton Chicago/Oak Brook Hills Resort & Conference Center. Mirroring the restaurant’s “casually dramatic” identity, Executive Chef Sean Curry has designed a menu that is relatable, yet progressive in execution. From hearty soups and house honey infusions to a multisensory twist on salads, the winter 2017 lunch and dinner service at B. presents a unique experience unlike anything else in Chicago’s western suburbs.

“My goal with the winter menu was to a create bright, warm feeling that contrasts with a cold, gray day,” said Curry. “Since it’s a challenge to stay completely true to our hyperlocal sourcing philosophy during this time of year, we needed to create new approaches to farm-to-table. Enter the Living Salad!”

Earlier this fall, Curry forged a partnership with Living Waters Farm in Strawn, Ill., after touring their greenhouses full of succulent micro-greens. With growing season nearing its end, Curry envisioned a way to bring fresh, local greens to B. guests throughout the year. He would serve them salads that are still living.

“We’re bringing customers the whole plant, from root to stem, alive and growing in the water bowl,” said Curry, who offers four different types of micro-greens at his restaurant. “In addition to a second mixing bowl with all the recipe accoutrements, we give them a small pair of scissors and a set of tweezers and literally let them make their own salad right from the source.”

Among the lineup of Living Salads (all $10 or under) on the menu, there’s:

  • B. Autumn – B. Honey squash vinaigrette, pickled squash, pepper lettuce, pepitas
  • Augustus – Bibb, creamy garlic dressing, honey crumble, shaved Romaina cheese
  • Kale & Roasted Faro – dried cherry, bacon vinaigrette, pollen, radish
  • Sherman – Tatsoi, honey ginger vinaigrette, sweet drop pepper, roasted bok choy, oven roasted Asian pear

Another B. signature that appears in nearly half of the new winter menu is house harvested honey. Curry, a certified beekeeper, mixes his kinship with bees with his gastronomic process a B. – a concept he refers to as “Hive to Plate.” On property, Curry tends to 9 large beehives with up to a half million honeybees that pollinate his Chef’s Gardens and produce fresh honey he harvests to flavor dishes such as brie pizza, Slagel Farm lamb chops, and more.

Other lunch and dinner winter menu 2017 highlights at B. include: 

  • B. Pot Au Few Soup – Slagel Farm beef, oxtail, bone marrow, seasonal vegetables, house grilled bread (($6)
  • Grilled Quail – wild rice, roasted Klugs Farm pear syrup, fennel and celery salad ($10)
  • Duck Pizza – spiced sweet potato puree, maple leaf confit, sweet onion, fennel, cherry glaze ($14)
  • Charcuterie Pizza – capocollo, wild boar salami, picante sopressata ($15)
  • B. Burger – Rain Crow Ranch ground brisket patty, Slagel Farm country bacon, Pure Prairie smoked butterkase cheese, tomato marmalade, onion confit, mustard aioli, brioche bun ($15)
  • B. Chicken – Slagel Farm half chicken, brown rice tamale, cluster of herbed oyster mushrooms ($24)