Inn by the Sea in Maine celebrates healthy and ethical eating

Wild mushroom torchon made with shallot, garlic, brandy, sherry, thyme and almond milk.

Vegan dishes are trendy at Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. According to Vegan Food and Living, Google searches for plant-based diets have taken over the top search spot, leaving “gluten free” behind, and last year Google Trends saw a 90-percent increase in “vegan” searches.

At Sea Glass, the ocean-view restaurant at Inn by the Sea, Chef Andrew Chadwick celebrates healthy and ethical eating with vegan menus even loyal carnivores love.

“The appeal of vegan menu options has grown well beyond the traditional guest who avoided meat for ethical or environmental reasons to include much broader interests in healthy lifestyle trends,” Chadwick said. “It’s long past time to toss outdated myths that eating in a healthy and mindful way is boring; in fact, complete vegan meals tend to be deliciously creative. Chefs are combining fresh plant based ingredients, whole foods and a variety of vegetable pastas, grains and globally inspired sauces. Menus are fresh, inventive, packed with surprising flavors and great for one’s health.”

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Whether you are a vegan committed to sustainable and ethical food sourcing, a once a week ‘Meat-Free Monday’ fan, or simply concerned about the impact of meat consumption on your health, you can trade your lust for meat for one of Chadwick’s delicious vegan menu offerings.

Plant-based meals pair well with borrowed flavors from now mainstream Mexican, Chinese or Greek recipes creating unique ethnic combinations when layered with fresh, locally sourced produce. Try Chadwick’s rich wild mushroom torchon made with shallot, garlic, brandy, sherry, thyme & almond milk; or barbequed tofu with spicy sauce, sweet peppers coulis , chanterelle mushrooms , and brussels kraut or the Sea Glass Seasonal Collection which changes daily, sourcing produce from nearby farms.

“Our goal is to excite with a visually appealing dish that continues to impress after the first taste,” Chadwick said. “Vegan dishes answer both ethical and health concerns but are also surprising, delectable and completely satisfying.”