Ritz-Carlton amps up coffee experience

The United States is one of the top coffee-consuming countries in the world, coming in at No. 9 with 115.2 liters per capita in 2015. Coffee remains hotel guests’ go-to beverage, and Ritz-Carlton properties are on the forefront of Americans’ love affair with the drink.

The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, is capitalizing on its location in Miami—home to a vibrant coffee scene that revolves around Cuban bean espresso served at small cult-followed cafés—with the Lobby Bar’s new coffee cart experience, “Aroma Y Arena,” serving classic drinks and pastry.

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“We are capturing that authentic local coffee shop experience within our lobby,” Kanat Gurel, director of food and beverage at The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach, said in a statement. “The essence of South Beach is reflected in all of our offerings, including the new cortaditos and croquetas to be enjoyed in our tranquil setting away from the crowds.”

The beans are sourced from Guatemala, Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica and Cuba, according to the hotel. A dedicated barista uses homemade recipes as well as an ancient brewing method to ensure characteristic flavor, rich body and the robust, familiar aroma.

The star of the show is brew crafted from the old-school glass Siphon, the original vacuum coffee maker invented in the 1800s as an alternative to boiling coffee, which kills the taste. For a truly custom cup, guests can select the beans while the barista methodically filters a steamy concoction.

Open daily from 8-11 a.m., the menu also features espresso, cortadito, colada, latte, cappuccino, Americano, cafecito and machinetta; local pastry, both sweet and savory, includes cheese tequeños, guava pastelito and ham croquetas.

The Ritz-Carlton chain at large is dedicated to quality coffee, as well. The company announced in 2016 a new coffee at Ritz-Carlton hotels and resorts across the United States. First Drop Coffee is proprietary and branded for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company in America. It is made 100-percent from coffee beans harvested by Rainforest Alliance Certified farms in Mexico and Brazil.

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In addition, select hotels will feature the First Drop Reserve, also a 100-percent Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. This premium artisan coffee is roasted in small batch form using only the top 3-percent of the world’s Arabica coffees. The Ritz-Carlton blend hails from East Africa, Central America, and South America. Each single-origin component is roasted one bag at a time to maximize the flavor profile of that specific bean. After each origin has been roasted, the coffees are blended together.