J/Brice Design International creates new Makkah hotel

The Al Joud Hotel has opened In Makkah, also known as Mecca, Saudi Arabia, designed by J/Brice Design International.

The hotel has an affordable boutique hotel ambiance meant to appeal to the Muslim faithful who journey to the holy city during the annual Hajj pilgrimage.

According to Jeffrey Brice Ornstein, whose firm is based in Jeddah and Boston, an Arabian motif was carried out throughout Al Joud Boutique Hotel, Makkah, which can be seen in natural, high-end materials including walnut, alabaster and marble.

The lobby has crystal lighting fixtures, and upholstered pieces in understated sand and desert sunset hues. Custom carpeting repeats the patterns in umber and orange tones set against a marble floor, all of which draw upon the palate of Arabian sunsets.

The property has 124 guestrooms, a restaurant, library, leisure/TV room and snack bar.

Photo credit: Al Joud Boutique Hotel, Makkah