Domio expands into 3 new markets in August

Domio, a technology-powered apartment-hotel brand based in New York, expanded into three new markets this month: Houston, Miami and Charlotte, N.C. The brand, now at more than 2,000 rooms, has welcomed more than 150,000 guests since it launched three years ago.

The three new markets represent an additional 63 listings: 11 in Houston across two buildings, 43 in Miami Beach, Fla., in one building and nine in Charlotte across two buildings. Domio also has added 57 listings between two other markets it entered this year. Having arrived in Phoenix in March and Philadelphia in May, the brand now offers 45 and 12 listings in the two cities, respectively.

“Domio’s growth and success is a result of staying focused on its original promise to give travelers a better hospitality experience,” Jay Roberts, co-founder/CEO of Domio, said in a statement. “We are excited to expand our offering into five new markets as we continue to invest in our guests and evolve as a brand. Three years marks an important milestone for a startup like Domio and we’re just getting started.”

Launched in August 2016 with a founders-only staff, Domio has grown its team to more than 125 full-time employees. Domio estimates its apartment-hotel rooms are sized about 40 percent larger than traditional hotel rooms and cost 25 percent less. Domio locations are situated in up-and-coming neighborhoods and range from studios to four-bedroom apartments. It currently offers listings in the Austin, Texas; Boston; Charlotte, N.C.; Chicago; Houston; Miami; Nashville; New Orleans; Philadelphia; Phoenix and San Diego markets.