Life House to open 5 more hotels by spring 2020

The 52-room Life House, Collins Park in Miami Beach, Fla., will include a rooftop sundeck and a pool. Photo credit: Life House (Life House, Collins Park)

Life House outlined plans to open an additional five locations by spring 2020. With 18 hotels signed currently, the company expects to have more than 25 open or under development by the end of 2019.

Opening later this month, the 52-room Life House, Collins Park in Miami Beach, Fla., will include a neighborhood-driven restaurant and bar as well as a rooftop pool and sundeck. Henley Investments owns the hotel, as well as the currently open Life House, Little Havana and the upcoming Life House, South of Fifth and Life House, Ocean Drive. Life House, South of Fifth, scheduled to open Nov. 1, will feature a lobby restaurant and bar, a backyard garden and pop-up local retail boutiques. Life House, Ocean Drive is slated to open spring 2020. All four hotels are located in the Miami area and together account for close to 200 guestrooms.

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Life House plans to open its first location outside of Florida this upcoming winter. Owned by Bunc Hospitality, Life House, Lower Highlands in Denver will include a restaurant and bar. The brand plans to expand to New York next spring with the opening of the 32-room Life House, Bushwick in Brooklyn. That property, owned by Cedar Holdings, will include a rooftop bar, a lobby café and a library.

Rami Zeidan, founder/CEO of Life House, said to expect more locations to come to Brooklyn and Denver in the coming years as the brand looks to build depth in its markets. “In building a lifestyle brand, to tell a truly locally rooted story, the nuance has to be connected to the neighborhood, not just to the city broadly,” said Zeidan. “So, we think there should be a Life House in almost every neighborhood of every city, not just every city.”

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In addition to more locations in Denver and Brooklyn, Zeidan said the company also is looking to grow into more markets. Specifically, he said, those where hotel prices are “exorbitantly high;” there is a “depth and culture that resonates with the kind of lifestyle component of the brand;” and apartment hotels and alternative lodging are highly regulated.