New brand Reset breaks ground near Joshua Tree National Park

New hotel brand Reset has broken ground on its first property on 180 acres of private desert next to Joshua Tree National Park. This 65-room property will serve as the flagship for the Reset brand co-founded by Ben Uyeda. Sightline Hospitality has signed on as the operator.  

This project combines steel frame modular construction, a modern and minimalist approach to design and an investor group with more than 40 million social media followers to create a new brand.

Reset Hotel, Joshua Tree has 65 rooms, including 25 suites. Every room has a private patio with mountain views and personal fireplaces. The common area includes a swimming pool surrounded by a terraced garden.  

The design vision for Reset was created by creative director and co-founder Ben Uyeda, a multi-faceted architect and designer with 2.5+ million social media followers who lives and works full-time in Joshua Tree. Uyeda conducts hands-on design experiments ranging from recycling giant wind turbine blades into 30-foot-long dining tables to constructing entire homes out of shipping containers. His work is documented in videos that have been viewed over 100 million times.

“In a world hungry for authenticity, transparently showing the process of making is the ultimate form of marketing content," Uyeda said in a statement. "We will show how factory construction of steel framed modules, an army of cranes and a team of skilled crafts people will come together to create a special place. Value is not surface-level, and thoughtful consumers want to understand the ingredients and process to deeply understand what makes a place different and special."

Joshua Tree National Park is one of America’s most popular national parks, with more than five million visitors annually. An influx of short-term rentals has caused disruption to the local housing market and resulted in an increase of stricter regulation. The presence of these properties in residential neighborhoods has led to significant complaints and protests from the local population.

Anticipating this, the Reset team procured 180 acres of commercially-zoned desert land in a location with expansive mountain views. The team then partnered with the city of 29 Palms to develop the project and get it fully entitled and permitted. 

Joshua Tree is just a two- to three-hour drive from Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix and Las Vegas, making it one of the most easily accessible national parks. It is located less than an hour from Palm Springs International Airport, which offers direct flights from New York, San Francisco, Austin and other major cities.