China opens the horseshoe-shaped Sheraton Huzhou Hot Springs Resort

(China opens the horseshoe-shaped Sheraton Huzhou Hot Springs Resort)

Chinese architects have made a statement as the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Srings Resort prepares to open next month in Huzhou, China. The property is being made famous thanks to its unique ring-shape, with some dubbing it the "horseshoe hotel."

According to the Herald Sun, the Sheraton Huzhou Hot Springs Resort was designed by architect Ma Yangsong and designed by the Shanghai Feizhou Group, who's dedication to the property's shape shows as the property continues into the ground. The hotel is actually a completed oval, with two underground levels connecting to the visible doughnut shape. 

The Telegraph reported that the hotel consists of 27 floors above water, and including the two underground levels the Sheraton Huzhou will have 282 guestrooms. The hotel also offers access to a spa, a spa village with eight villas, 40 hot springs and a yacht dock. Also to be announced is a club lounge, ballroom and multiple restaurants.

This is the third in a string of non-traditional hotel reveals in China. The Atlantic reported that earlier this month China unveiled the New Century Global Center in Chengdu, the capital of China's Sichuan province, and it was immediately designated the largest building in the world at a staggering 19 million square feet. The Center will house not one but two hotels - alongside a water park, multiple stores and restaurants, a 14-screen IMAX cinema, a 500,000 square foot art center and an artificial sun.

In late June, China broke ground on the 19-story InterContinental Shimao Hotel, which was built directly into a quarry at the base of the base of Tianmenshan Mountain in China's Songjiang District. Aside from offering access to water sports, rock-climbing, and bungee jumping activities, Jin Daily reported that two underwater floors will be accessible to guests and are planned to contain an aquarium, restaurant, guestrooms, swimming pool and sports center. The resort is expected to open in 2015.