Four ways to boost your hotel's curb appeal

The exterior of a hotel is equally important as the interior; what guests observe as they drive up or prospective guests see as they drive by is a direct reflection of what they can expect of their stay. As we have all come to know, first impressions are extremely important. Follow these four tips to ensure your hotel is giving the best first impression. 

1. Exterior lighting. Wow your guests through the use of lighting by creating an attractive and inviting atmosphere they’ll be sure to notice. Position your lighting to accent your hotel’s best features and to provide a safe and secure environment for your quests. Lighting can also help reduce energy costs. With new LED technology, now may be the perfect time to invest in improved lighting that provides lower utility costs and, in many areas, utility rebates in addition to labor cost savings. 

2. Building façade. Invest in a power washer. This handy tool can be used throughout your hotel property like the parking lot, sidewalks and other public areas. It can also be used to clean your packaged terminal air conditioning units (carefully washing the coils) and maintain your building’s exterior. Other ways to improve your building’s façade is by applying a fresh coat of paint or updating to a contemporary color scheme. This is a great way to transform the appearance of a hotel without committing to any major renovations. Paint coating enhances the aesthetic and value, hides imperfections like cracks in walls and provides a level of protection against ultraviolet and weather damage. 

3. Parking lot and landscape. Show your guests you care about your property by keeping a safe and clean parking lot and well-maintained landscaping. Keep pavement repair and sealers and paint striping and curb painting products on hand to attend to immediate issues and avoid major hazards. These tools will allow you to repair any cracks in the concrete, perform quick touch-ups and keep things looking crisp and like new. Ensure flowers, lawn, trees and other vegetation surrounding your property are properly manicured and hydrated so everything appears fresh and inviting. 

4. Grounds and pool area. Provide a sufficient number of ash urns and waste receptacles, placing them in appropriate areas to avoid discarded trash and regulate smoking areas. Replace any broken or faded lounge or pool furniture. For an added appeal, trade in old furniture with newer modern pieces. For your guests’ safety and property’s appearance, replace any
faded signs, particularly those in the pool area, to ensure you are up to code. 

While all these details might seem small, they contribute to a guest’s first impression of your hotel, usually before he or she has ever stepped inside. Make sure your outdoor spaces, entryways and parking lot are safe and beautiful to create a great experience. 

Gabriela Sanchez is a marketing specialist with HD Supply Facilities Maintenance.