Hotel Ease-Tsuen Wan is first B Corp. hotel in Asia

Hotel Ease-Tsuen Wan is the first B Corp hotel in Asia. Photo credit: Hotel Ease-Tsuen Wan

Hong Kong-based Stan Group (Holdings) Ltd.’s Hotel Ease-Tsuen Wan, a member of Tang's Living Group, has become a Certified B Corp., the first hotel in Asia to receive the trademarked certification.

The certification is in recognition of  “extraordinary performance” by Hotel Ease-Tsuen Wan in creating "shared value for the environment and society," and is the second such certification received by Stan Group member properties.

Stan Tang, chairman of Stan Group and CEO of Tang's Living Group, said, "We believe that corporations are entrusted with responsibilities to positively impact our employees, communities and the environment, as we operate sustainably. We could not be more excited that Stan Group has achieved this milestone, which further cements our core value of innovation, human focus, collaboration and entrepreneurship."

The 160-room Hotel Ease-Tsuen Wan was among the properties that first came into operation managed by Tang's Living Group. The hotel carries out measures dedicated to creating shared value for its employees, communities and the environment. It also implements stringent guidelines on the selection of suppliers and gives preference to, and fosters long-term collaboration with, local suppliers.

It also encourages local employment by giving priority to applicants living in its district and providing shuttle transportation for staff.

Additionally, Hotel Ease-Tsuen Wan has donated meals to those in need and organized visits to the elderly.

Protecting the environment also is a priority, according to the hotel, which works with suppliers who have environmental and safety accreditations, and use only non-toxic detergent. The hotel encourages re-use of towels and linens in order to reduce water consumption.

Hotel management and employees also travel to green construction projects to learn about carbon-reduction designs and practices, for future implementation of such designs in the hotel.

Stan Group (Holdings) Ltd.  manages a HK$60 billion real estate portfolio in strategic partnership with the Tang Shing-bor family and operates more than 40 brands across five businesses: property, hospitality, communication services, financial services and The STILE, innovative businesses with social purpose