Mobile housekeeping will allow staff to continuously keep track of room status on a mobile device, giving them an easy-to-use solution with an enhanced…

Luis Aloma, former VP of corporate operations for Hyatt Place and Hyatt House, brings 34 years of experience to his new role at the Florida hotel.

Hotel Management associate editor Jena Tesse Fox got to go behind the scenes at the Wilshire Grand hotel despite a loss of power.

Maidbot, a robotics company that created Rosie, the first housekeeping robot and indoor mobile data platform for hotels and commercial buildings, received a…

The academy will focus on training single clients or groups to understand the essence of delivering luxury service experiences to their customers.

Janet Fioriti will interface with owners to ensure the company exceeds investment objectives on hotel assets throughout the portfolio.

At The Annual Hotel Conference, in Manchester, hoteliers discuss the challenges of Brexit and which way the wind is blowing in the UK hospitality sector.

The latest release includes the ability to implement task assignment rules that can adapt to changing priorities throughout the day.

Gold came to the United States from Britain in the late ‘80s and began his career in the hospitality industry.