Las Vegas Culinary Union cuts deal with MGM, Caesars

Las Vegas’ Culinary Workers Union 226 reached a tentative deal with both MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment regarding contract renewals for workers on the Las Vegas Strip.

Roughly 50,000 bartenders, housekeepers, bellmen and kitchen workers at 34 casino hotels in Las Vegas saw their contracts expire June 1. The union previously voted to strike should these workers fail to negotiate new five-year contracts in their favor.

The last time the culinary union carried out a strike it took place over a 67-day period in 1984.

Now, having secured deals with 10 casino resorts belonging to MGM and Caesars, the union is turning its attention to the remaining 24 casino hotels where its members lack coverage. With the strike already authorized, employees at these properties could conceivably walk out.

The details of the deal between the Culinary Works Union 226, MGM MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment have yet to be disclosed, as workers have not yet approved them. However, the new terms likely include wage increases, as well as providing panic buttons to housekeepers.

"The agreements with MGM and Caesars have historic language regarding immigration, technology and automation, and safety, from sexual harassment language to safety buttons," Bethany Khan, spokeswoman for the Culinary Workers Union Local 226, said in a statement. "We always have one standard for our contracts, and we are going to negotiate that one standard with other properties."