Mexican hotel achieves LEED Gold certification

The Wayam Mundo Imperial hotel in Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula has achieved LEED Gold certification following initiatives in promoting sustainable tourism. 

The certification acknowledges sustainable and environmentally friendly actions, including the lowering of energy and water usage and decreasing both carbon emissions and waste production. The property has focused on a range of environmental concerns, including the reduction of carbon emissions, effective utilization of energy and water, adept waste management, transportation, material usage and overall environmental health. 

The range of amenities at Wayam, from aromatherapy in communal spaces to a curated water-tasting menu of locally sourced waters, emphasizes the hotel's location and environmentally conscious facilities. In conjunction with solar panel installations, all windows at Wayam are oriented eastward, resulting in heightened solar reflectivity that contributes to thermal insulation.

Wayam Mundo Imperial was designed according to the Golden Ratio. The resort has a central, five-story-tall mango tree and 10 sculptures by Mexican artist Carlos Marin. It also has various hydraulic systems and specialized water treatment procedures, including a rainwater harvesting system that collects and filters natural precipitation for the use of toilets and irrigation, in addition to an electromagnetic system that reduces the hardness of water without using chemical agents. 

The hotel’s main building has a layout that preserves the endemic vegetation to maintain green spaces.