PM Hotel Group, TQP Capital Partners form alliance

Hotel management company PM Hotel Group has formed a strategic alliance with TQP Capital Partners—a development and operations company led by Principal Thomas Prins—to enhance and accelerate its business development platform. 

The primary focus of the partnership will be to capitalize on Prins’ experience and industry insights to identify and pursue new business opportunities for PM Hotel Group. TQP Capital Partners will play a pivotal role in the continued expansion of the PM Hotel Group portfolio.

"The new collaboration with TQP Capital Partners is a testament to PM Hotel Group’s commitment to strategic growth and continued excellence in hotel management,” Joseph Bojanowski, president, PM Hotel Group, said in a statement. “With Prins invaluable expertise, we are confident that PM Hotel Group will achieve yet unreached milestones and discover new opportunities in the hospitality management space.”

"Our alliance with PM Hotel Group represents a synergy of expertise and vision, and I am excited to contribute to the growth and innovation of this dynamic organization,” Prins said. “Together, we will redefine success in the hospitality industry by identifying and capitalizing on unique business prospects."

Prins specializes in hospitality real estate investments with a background in hotel acquisitions, management contracts and strategic partnerships. Under his leadership, TQP Capital Partners will help secure new business for PM Hotel Group.

In addition to originating mergers and acquisitions, TQP Capital Partners will source new third-party management contracts that are actively engaged to pinpoint off-market opportunities and identify capital groups interested in acquiring hotels. The partnership also will let PM Hotel Group and TQP Capital Partners co-invest equity.