Unifocus releases whitepaper to tackle staffing shortages, rising costs

Unifocus, a provider of workforce management systems to the hotel and hospitality industry, published a proprietary study offering insights into the hotel industry’s ongoing labor shortage and how operators can adapt to achieve and maintain efficiency and profitability. “The Hotelier’s Definitive Guide to Success Amid Staffing Shortages” provides new ways to control costs, optimize staffing efficiency and reduce turnover to create a sustainable, predictable operations ecosystem.

The whitepaper outlines new approaches to attracting and retaining talent due to new technology, which has made it easier for hotels to adapt to new trends in worker scheduling and communication. It includes insight into lessons learned from the gig economy, how hotels can retain a high level of service despite fewer available workers and how to measure the benefits of these strategies over time.

“The current challenges in the hospitality labor market are real, but they're not insurmountable," said Moneesh Arora, chief executive at Unifocus. "At Unifocus, we're all about building bridges between recruiting the right talent, retaining valuable team members, controlling costs and delivering an unforgettable guest experience. With this whitepaper, we're laying out the blueprint to not just survive these challenges but to thrive together as an industry.”

Labor challenges are endemic to hospitality, with roughly 92 percent of hotels experiencing staffing shortages despite job growth in the second quarter of 2023. Each section of the whitepaper provides practical insights, real-life examples and technology solutions that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of individual hotels to address challenges faced by operators in today’s limited labor market.

Hoteliers can download “The Hotelier’s Definitive Guide to Success Amid Staffing Shortages” at https://www.unifocus.com/hoteliersguide.