At ALIS, Hilton debuts new ownership program

Hilton has launched Unlocking Doors, a program designed to support new and aspiring hoteliers on their journey to hotel ownership. 

Launching this week at the Americas Lodging Investment Summit, Unlocking Doors aims to create pathways to hotel ownership for entrepreneurs who are new to the industry and those who have traditionally faced hurdles with access to affordable capital. Unlocking Doors will provide support through educational programs, networking opportunities and access to affordable capital, which many entrepreneurs cite as the biggest barrier to entry into the industry.

To provide that access to capital, Unlocking Doors will include a partnership with Bridge, a digital platform by Foro Holdings that connects small and medium-sized businesses with more than 75 lenders across the U.S. This program will provide existing and potential hotel owners with affordable financing opportunities through a diversified group of lenders. Hilton Supply Management will also provide access to the Bridge platform to all U.S.-based suppliers, including small and medium-sized businesses looking to expand and grow their operations.

“The hospitality industry is a powerful engine of opportunity for entrepreneurs who dream of owning and growing their own businesses, as well as creating jobs in their communities,” Kevin Jacobs, CFO and president, global development, Hilton, said in a statement. “The Unlocking Doors program provides a long-needed solution in making that opportunity attainable for all through education, access to capital and networking, and continues to support our efforts to build a portfolio of hotels around the world that meet guests’ needs anywhere they want to travel.”

“Bridge couldn’t be more excited to participate in Hilton’s Unlocking Doors initiative,” Bridge CEO Rohit Mathur added. “By using the Bridge marketplace, entrepreneurs can not only access capital in a new and efficient way, but also compare options and connect with the best capital source to meet their needs.”